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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

GOPDD: This Muslim Woman Was Arrested By Police. Now She’s Suing. The Reason Will Outrage You.


On Monday, a Muslim woman filed a lawsuit in California claiming that the police had discriminated against her as a Muslim. What could these Islamophobic cops have done to warrant getting sued? They apparently removed her hijab after she was taken into custody. Removing a detained suspect’s hat, scarf, or helmet is routine procedure.
Kirsty Powell, an African-American woman and apparent Muslim convert, filed the suit against the city of Long Beach and its police department for causing “extreme shame, humiliation, mental anguish and emotional distress.”


This is a summary of last night’s Town Council meeting.

 Under Good News & Recognition – Miss Natalie Thompson was awarded the 2016 Spirit of America Tribute.

 Under Council Orders, Resolutions & Ordinances –

1.    Zoning Ordinance – Property Maintenance Sec. 614 & 41 (Second Reading) – The Council approved this ordinance by a vote of 7-0.

2.   Town Insurance Bid Award – The Council award the bid to Champoux-Rogers Insurance for $90,036.00 by a vote of 7-0.

3.   Tax Acquired Property Sale – The Council sold the property at 10 Gendron Drive for $1,000.00 and wrote off the remaining balance of $4,738.80 by a vote of 7-0.

4.   Tax Acquired Property Bid - The Council authorized the Town Manager/Treasurer to advertise 29 Sabattus Creek Drive without a minimum bid by a vote of 7-0.

5.   Cell Phone Discussion – The Council had a discussion on whether to pay for employee to use personal phone and get paid by the town or issue town phones.  The Council decided they needed more information before reaching a decision.

6.   Communication Center Discussion – The Council had a discussion on the Communication Center and Chairman Bickford made a decision to place the question on the November ballot.  Chairman Bickford stated he wants it to be a binding vote but the Town Manage stated it could not be.

 Under Other Business –

1.    The Town Manager announced that the CDBG application the town filed with the state had been approved and was not entering the second Phase.

2.   Liza Ward presented the Council with an update on Emergency Management for Androscoggin County.

3.   Ed Karass provided a Financial Report to the Council.

Under Executive Session – The Council moved into Executive Session to discuss acquisition of real property.

 Larry Fillmore


Attention Lisbon Voters:
The Lisbon Town Council consolidated Lisbon’s two polling places, at the Superintendent’s Central Office gym and the MTM Center gym, to ONE polling place now located at the Lisbon High School Gymnasium at 2 Sugg Drive in Lisbon Falls


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

FREEDOM FORCE: DOJ Drops Bombshell against Hillary Clinton’s Email Investigation: “It’s a Law Enforcement Matter”


Hillary Clinton has laughed off the probe into her illegal email server which has compromised hundreds of classified documents. She has mocked the FBI at every turn and said there would be no way she would be put in handcuffs. To top it off, she's even claimed that the FBI's investigation is nothing more than a "security review." However, the Department of Justice has shot that down and claimed that the investigation into Clinton's crimes are "a law enforcement matter."


GOPDD: Obama Refuses To Call Navy Seal Killed By ISIS In Iraq Combat


Townhall Tuesday morning Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced a Navy SEAL operating as an advisor to Peshmerga forces was killed on the front lines against ISIS. Carter specifically said the SEAL was killed in combat after he was shot when ISIS soldiers broke through an Iraqi forces checkpoint and made their way to Peshmerga territory just outside of Mosul.

GOPDD: Donald Trump WINS Indiana, Ted Cruz Drops Out (Video)


With a Landslide Victory by Trump in Indiana, Cruz drops out.

GOPDD: Viral Video: A Convicted Voyeur Picked the Wrong Woman to Harass at Target


Fox News Insider A Florida woman turned the tables on a man who had been convicted of preying on women in public places, and the video is going viral.
Candice Spivey said she was approached by a man at a Target store outside Jacksonville while she was looking at swimsuits.
Spivey said she was prepared to record the encounter because the man, who police identified as Jeffrey Polizzi, had walked up to her two years prior in a Publix grocery store, asking inappropriate questions.


GOPDD: Islamic Preacher: British Muslims Demand Sharia Law And Separate Caliphate In The UK (Video)


The myth of the tiny radical Muslim minority has been debunked time and time again. Now even Muslims are acknowledging the fact that many mainstream strands of Islam are, in fact, incompatible with Western values. A recent poll has confirmed that nearly two-thirds of British Muslims would not report terror tips to the police. A shocking 23% of British Muslims want Sharia law to supersede the judicial process in the UK. These numbers are all the more disturbing given that many of the respondents were born and raised in the democratic West. Many of them are educated. They received medical services courtesy of the NIH, the UK’s universal public health program. These sentiments cross ethnic, social, and economic boundaries. The only thing these Muslims have in common is an unshakeable faith in Islam.

Monday, May 2, 2016


The Lisbon Reporter posted a Public Announcement about a survey pertaining to Route 9 located on the town web site, yesterday.  After posting this Public Announcement, I decided to take this survey.  Half way through the survey, I realized it was nothing more than another example of the “Good Old Boys” network trying to influence the people of Lisbon.  I also learned that Richard and Gina Mason are members of this network because it was Rick Mason who spoke at a Council meeting to allow him to sell used cars off his property.  Chairman Bickford is pushing the Planning Board to make this happen.

 You see Mr. Mason’s property is located on Route 9 in a Rural Open 1 zoning.  The selling of used cars is strictly forbidden in this zone.  The selling of used cars only clutters the area as evident from a trip down Route 196.  Also, there is no significant relief in the tax base so there is no real value in having all these used cars lining the major artilleries of Lisbon.

 The survey has several questions that are invalid because they do not list all available options.  In fact, they are written as to imply that Route 9 zoning has been changed to commercial.  Asking invalid questions, about a change that has not taken place, only provides an invalid response and does not generate a potential thought of any value. 

 In order to generate a survey/tool to be used as a means to help understand what the people want, you first have to ask the right questions and not predetermined ones.  Second, you must list all available options in order to clearly understand the position of the individual filling out the survey.  Asking loaded questions; enable you to get your desired results but does not provide a true understand of how the people feel.  This is the case with this Route 9 survey.  The “Good Old Boys” want to change Route 9 from a Rural Open 1 to commercial zoning.  That way, they can line Route 9 with used car lots and repair shops like Route 196.

 The people living on Route 9 did not build their dream homes with this thought in mind.  Changing Route 9 to commercial will increase the flow of traffic.  Look at the increase in the flow of traffic since the state widen and repaired the road.  Changing Route 9 to commercial will lower the property value and destroy the agriculture look of this community.

 This survey is slanted and meant to influence the Town Council and Planning Board in a negative way.  A true survey should be prepared and offered to the community if you want a valid response.

 Larry Fillmore

Lisbon Council Won't Take "NO" For An Answer on the Rte. 9 Zoning Change.

Once again Lisbon Council is trying to change route. 9 zoning from Rural Open 1 to Commercial.

At the (4/6/16) Council Meeting there was a proposed zoning change that was previously and rightfully rejected several years ago when the Council tried to make a 1000 ft. Commercial corridor along a large swath of route 9.

My home is within a1000ft. of the center of route 9 and  would be be adversely affected by this zoning change.

Reasons against this zone change.
This change regardless of what the Council may say reduces the value of residential property.
  • This change would make it more difficult for prospective buyers to get a loan to buy affected property. (According to the loan officer I spoke with at Key Bank.)
  • Do we want to turn one of Lisbon's remaining gateways into another route 196?  What impression will this give to people coming to Lisbon from the Sabattus turnpike exit?
  • Do you want another used car dealer strip on rte. 9?
Commercial zoning means large trucks and noise which also reduces property values and destroys roads.

The Council has placed a survey on the town's web site in an effort to get feedback from the community.  Loaded questions on this survey are used to manipulate the survey taker into agreeing to a commercial zone on rte 9 rather than asking if a zone change is needed.

Lisbon Government has a habit of ignoring survey results when the results are not in agreement with the Council's position on an issue. I wouldn't be surprised if the Town throws out the survey results if they don't like them. I urge you to stop the Council from turning rte. 9 into another 196.

 Take the survey and tell the Council  you don't want another "used car dealer strip" on rte 9.

Joe Hill


Last week in the Sun Journal, there was an article letting us know that the town of Sabattus has decided to utilize Androscoggin County Dispatch for their public safety answering point and emergency dispatch? This eliminates the delay of emergency services going through Lisbon Communication Center.  It also enables the County to directly dispatch First Responders thus saving time in emergencies.

 Androscoggin County Dispatch has experienced 911 operators whom are also qualified as Emergency Medial Dispatchers (EMD).  The EMDs gather critical medical information called Emergency Medical Code (EMC) for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) that allows EMTs to provide better service faster.  This provides patients with a much higher chance of survival.

 The towns of Lisbon and Durham still utilize the Lisbon Communication Center to dispatch first responder after they receive notification from Androscoggin County Dispatch receiving a 911 call.  This is cumbersome and causes delays at time especially when 353-2500 (Lisbon Communication Center phone number) is busy.  Any delay puts people at risk and is totally unnecessary.  By going with the Androscoggin County Dispatch ensures that qualified personnel are always on duty and that first responders are dispatched immediately upon receipt of the 911 call.  This eliminates all delays of any type.

 The Lisbon Communication Center has no one assigned to the communication center that is qualified as a 911 operator or an Emergency Medial Dispatcher.  This coupled with the fact the current system required the County to relay information to the Lisbon Communication Center causes a time delay.  Towns need to provide their residents with the fastest and best service available.

 The towns of Lisbon and Durham need to move their emergency services and public safety answering point to the Androscoggin County Dispatcher enabling quicker and better service to its citizens.

Larry Fillmore

FREEDOM FORCE: Benghazi Email Leads Straight to White House Coverup

One email in the latest batch released under a Freedom of Information Act request shows clearly that the plot to cover up the real cause of the Benghazi attack that left four Americans dead began in the White House and was undertaken just to make President Obama look good in an election cycle.

Other emails and memos have shown that the State Department under Hillary Clinton, as well as other agencies, knew while the attack was happening that it was being led by terrorist mercenary groups that had been planning the assault for some time.
Despite that, the White House and State Department maintained for weeks that the attack was spontaneous and inspired by an obscure Internet video. Obama Administration officials insisted they were presenting the best information they had available at the time, which we now know is not true, and even told the United Nations the story about the video, along with the conclusion that there should be no counterattack.

GOPDD: Obama now wants to give $1.3 billion to illegal immigrants!


President Obama is currently writing his wish list and has put an estimated $1.3 billion budget proposal to give to 75,000 minors that are expected to cross from central America into the United States this year, that’s $17,613 per child. This amount is significantly higher than that of what is given to the annual Social Security Retirees.
A recent report from the Center for Immigration Studies shows that the average annual SSA retirement benefit for legal citizens is roughly $14,772.

GOPDD: RED ALERT: ISIS Thugs Publish American Citizen “Hit List” … Are You On It?


The thugs in the Islamic State group have come up with a new way to terrorize American citizens: They’ve assembled a hit list of New Yorkers via the Internet and told them all to expect to be killed.
According to WNBC-TV, a team of hackers affiliated with the Islamic State group posted a list of about 3,000 New Yorkers and their personal details last Sunday on a private channel operated by the United Cyber Caliphate.
“We want them #Dead,” the hackers said.
The FBI quickly notified people who were on the list and told them to take certain precautions.


EAGLE RISING: Whoa! West Virginia Town Tells Clintons They’re “Not Welcome”

 Bill and Hillary Clinton

Written by Onan Coca
“Bill and Hillary Clinton are simply not welcome in our town.“ – City of Logan, W.VA
There are few people as polarizing as Hillary Clinton. She is one of the most disliked politicians in American history, and while she may be loved by a majority of liberals, she is loathed by almost everyone else (even a large number of Democrats). After losing the Democrat presidential nomination to Senator Barack Obama in 2008, many thought she might actually be able to build her image and become a stronger candidate for 2016. However, the opposite has been true. Instead of becoming more popular and less polarizing, she has careened headlong into a cesspool of negative media coverage based largely on her own criminal behavior, bad decisions, and imprudent political ideas.



By Jim Hoft
Donald Trump won the Arizona Republican primary with 47% of the vote to second place Ted Cruz with 25%.
Trump won all 58 delegates in Arizona.
But that didn’t stop the Cruz campaign and GOP elites from coming in and poaching all of the delegates at today’s state convention.

GOPDD: Illegal Alien Convicted of Murder After Stabbing Father of Two to Death, Ripping Out His Liver


Breitbart An illegal alien from El Salvador, Mauricio Morales-Caceres, faces life in prison without parole after being convicted of stabbing acquaintance Oscar Navarro, father of two, “at least” 89 times with a 15-inch butcher knife and tearing out his liver with his bare hands — but no comments on this shocking murder by a foreign national, who smiled cheerfully in his mugshot, are allowed, according to the Washington Post.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

GOPDD: Clinton Campaign Panicking After Bombshell Video Goes Viral !!!


Hillary Clinton is panicking this week after a video went viral exposing her various criminal and illegal activities.
According to Conservative Brief, the video was created by the American Freedom Fighters, and it reveals the billions of dollars Hillary has made through illegal schemes. Hillary has spent millions of dollars on public relations agencies in an attempt to make this video go away, but the footage has nonetheless continued to spread.

GOPDD: White House Will Raise Its Fence By 5 Feet To Keep Mexicans And Muslims From Jumping Fence..


Qpolitical Donald Trump is ridiculed maliciously for wanting to build a wall on the southern border, but when the U.S. Secret Service says they’re going to raise the White House fence by five feet – everything is gravy!
The Secret Service has had a tough go at securing the White House in recent years, and even on Tuesday of this week, there was yet another fence-jumping incident. This has led Secret Service spokesman, Tom Dougherty, to announce the fence will be raised from 6 to 11 feet. This ‘raising of the wall’ will also include adding to the foundation of the fence.

GOPDD: Obama Education Appointee: ‘Aggressively Engaged’ For Transgender Bathrooms In Schools


An Obama appointee in the Department of Education assured a group of LGBT activists that the White House is “aggressively engaged” in the fight to allow transgender students use whichever bathroom they desire at school.
DOE Assistant Secretary for the Office of Civil Rights Catherine Lhamon told a crowd at an LGBT summit hosted by the White House in Michigan last Thursday.

GOPDD: Judge Jeanine: Do You Prefer The Obama/Clinton Method Of An Apology Tour To An Audience Filled With Muslims Over Donald Trump?


Rick Wells Judge Jeanine begins her “Opening Statement” by remarking “finally, someone wants to take care of you and me. Someone who thinks it’s important to put our priorities in order. Now everyone wants to moan and complain about Donald Trump when he says he wants to make America first. They say it’s racist, it’s not fair, it’s unashamedly about US doing less and it’s just wrong.”
Judge Pirro shows some samples of headlines from the day after Trump gave his foreign policy speech and wonders, “What’s wrong with America First” and notes that to her it’s a breath of fresh air and exactly what this country needs.” She asks, “Don’t these people live here?”


GOPDD: Donald Trump Supporter Accused Of Pouring Something On A Muslim Woman’s Bag Head! [Video]


Designated Terrorist Group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), has asked the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C., to preserve any surveillance video covering the site of an alleged ‘hate’ attack on a Muslim woman by a ‘white’ woman shouting religious slurs and statements of support for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.
The Muslim woman, who is African-American and wears an Islamic bag on her head, reported to CAIR that she was assaulted on April 21 outside a Starbucks in northwest Washington. According to the victim, the alleged assailant shouted slurs such as “fucking Muslim” and “fucking Muslim trash,” and told her to “go back to where you came from.” The attacker also reportedly stated that she was voting for Donald Trump and expressed hope that he would send “all of you terrorist Muslims out of this country.”

GOPDD: White House Correspondents’ Dinner Host Larry Wilmore Closed His Speech On Saturday By Telling Obama, “Yo Barry, You Did It, My N*gga.”


Breitbart White House Correspondents’ Dinner host Larry Wilmore closed his speech on Saturday by telling President Obama, “Yo Barry, you did it, my n*gga.”
Earlier in the speech, Wilmore said that former President Andrew Jackson reacted to Dr. Ben Carson’s defense of Jackson being kept on the $20 bill by asking, “What did that j*gaboo say?”

Saturday, April 30, 2016

GOPDD: Franklin Graham Destroys John Boehner Over THIS! Graham Calling Boehner An ‘Embarrassment To Our Nation’


CNSNEWS In reaction to former House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) publicly insulting Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) by calling him “Lucifer in the flesh” and a “miserable son of a b—-,” evangelist Franklin Graham said “shame on you!” to Boehner, and added that his vulgar comments were “beneath the public office” he was elected to hold and an “embarrassment” to the nation.
In an April 29 post on Facebook, Rev. Graham wrote, “Former Speaker of the House John Boehner shame on you! You had no business calling Ted Cruz ‘Lucifer in the flesh’—this is an embarrassment. And it’s an embarrassment to our nation.”

GOPDD: Media Refuses To Call Out Hillary For Her ‘FRIEND AND MENTOR’, Late KKK Leader Robert Byrd (VIDEO)


The hypocrisy among the progressive left never ceases to amaze, and this astounding piece of video footage is simply another unchecked “double-standard” that the left is famous for.
The double standard, of which I speak, is that the mainstream media either ignores the obvious, or more accurately is a vital part of the continued and willful deception being committed upon the American voter.

GOPDD: Allahu Akbar! Russian Police Bomb An Illegal Muslim Prayer Hall To Smithereens


Explosives found in an illegal Muslim prayer hall near the Russian city of Samara was eliminated right inside the building. Bomb disposal team deemed it too dangerous to take the explosives out.

RT  (h/t Colin W) A police dog helped to find a cache with more than a kilogram of explosives of unknown origin. A bomb-disposal expert said extracting the explosives would be definitely unsafe and bomb technicians rolled in a water cannon, a source within Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) told RT.


GOPDD: WILD VIDEO: Trump Jumps Barrier, Crosses Ditch to Avoid Violent Leftist Mob in California


Hundreds of protesters gathered outside of the Hyatt Regency today ahead of a planned lunch banquet with presidential front-runner Donald Trump.
Trump was forced to jump a fence and cross and ditch to avoid violent leftist mob to get over to the Hyatt.


FREE BEACON: Lawmakers Cheer Army’s Decision to Allow Green Beret to Continue Service

Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland faced discharge for confronting Afghan child rapist 

green beret
Charles Martland

In a reversal that is being celebrated by lawmakers and legal activists, the U.S. Army has decided to allow a decorated Green Beret who confronted an Afghan child rapist to continue his service.
The Army moved to retain Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland after initially planning to kick him out of the service for physically confronting an Afghan Local police commander in 2011 for allegedly raping a young boy repeatedly. The decision, first reported by Fox News and confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon by a spokesman for the Army, was made after lawmakers and legal activists led charges to advocate for Martland’s reinstatement.