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Friday, June 24, 2016


GOPDD: Obama’s Amnesty Plan Blocked by Supreme Court: No More Shield For illegals


A tie vote by the Supreme Court is blocking President Barack Obama’s immigration plan that sought to shield millions living in the U.S. illegally from deportation.
The justices’ one-sentence opinion on Thursday effectively kills the plan for the duration of Obama’s presidency.
A tie vote sets no national precedent but leaves in place the ruling by the lower court. In this case, the federal appeals court in New Orleans said the Obama administration lacked the authority to shield up to 4 million immigrants from deportation and make them eligible for work permits without approval from Congress.

GOPDD: (Video) Trump Creates New Website To Fight Hillary… The Very First Post Is Going VIRAL


Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has launched a new website, “Lying Crooked Hillary,” designed to expose every one of Democrat front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton’s many lies. 
The first lie was published this Thursday, and it was a doozy.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Tuesday night, the Town Council added an additional $955,714.00 dollars to the operating cost of the town.  This means that our leadership does not care about the impact on our taxes.  This is proven by the fact that since April 13, 2016, our Town Council did not hold any budget workshops in an effect to either reduce spending or increase our revenue.  It is a fact that the ONLY way to reduce taxes is a combination of reducing spending and increasing revenue.  Our current Town Council made no effort to do neither; instead they relied on the Town Manager to make all the cuts.  NOT HER JOB!!!!!

 If you remember last year the Town Council forced the School Department to cut $600,000 dollars in their budget.  This cost us, the taxpayers, a great deal of addition tax dollars because of the legal fees and the numerous referendums.  As a result, we now have three new Councilors and rightfully so.  This year we have three more Councilors coming up for reelection and if they are not interested in making an effort to reduce our taxes; they need to go.  This town needs to find three more honest individuals who can put the town’s interest first instead of their friends and neighbors agendas.  Loyalty is a wonderful thing but as a Councilor your loyalty has to be to the community first and upmost.

Each Councilor has a responsibility to try and find ways to improve this town.  I am sure that we have numerous citizens whom have excellent thoughts on improving the community.  We just need to find them.  A year or two ago, the former Town Council researched a solution to save the town approximately $190,000.00 tax dollars by closing the Communication Center.  A saving of $190,000.00 is not an insignificant amount of money but the project was stopped out of loyalty to the Police Department instead of what was in the best interest of the community. 

 Right now, if the town would reinstate this program, it would take approximately six month to switch over to whatever Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) the town decides to go with.  This means that the town has lost at least six months of savings due to the lack of the Town Council to act on this project.  It is critical that the 911 operators, whom are qualified as Emergency Medical Dispatcher, dispatch first responder upon receipt of the request for emergency services instead of being force to have to notify the Lisbon Communication Center prior to having first responders dispatched to the scene.  This is a waste of valuable time which is critical in any emergency situation.  Lisbon Communication Center has no one qualified as a 911 operators or Emergency Medical Dispatcher.  This reduces the quality of service being provided to victims by the Lisbon Communication Center.

 So why is it the Chairman Bickford, Councilors Metivier, Brunelle and Crafts not trying to find solutions to either reduce spending or increase revenue?  If they are not part of the solution then they need to go because they are part of the problem.

 Larry Fillmore


FREE BEACON: State Department Memo Conflicts With Claims From Top Security Official

State Department official claimed he did not know about private Hillary server

Hillary Clinton

A State Department official who told Congress he had no knowledge of Hillary Clinton’s private email server was included on an internal memo that discussed the server’s installation on March 17, 2009, the day it was allegedly set up.
The memo and other documents published by the watchdog group Judicial Watch on Wednesday conflict with claims that State Department security official John Bentel was unaware of Clinton’s personal email server.
Bentel has declined through his attorney to answer questions about the server from the Senate Judiciary Committee, citing a lack of knowledge. The committee has repeatedly sought testimony from Bentel over the past several months.

EAGLE RISING: Donald Trump Delivers the Speech of a LIFETIME – Demolishes Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump 

Written by Onan Coca

The day after meeting with about one thousand evangelical leaders, Donald Trump has finally delivered the speech that every Republican in America has been waiting for.
In a powerful 40-minute diatribe, the likely GOP candidate for President eloquently presented his best argument for America’s votes. That argument focused in on all of the well-known negatives that come along with Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party.

EAGLE RISING: : Obama Fails Again: The FBI Admits that they “LOST” the Orlando Shooter’s Accomplice!

Orlando shooter Omar Mateen and Noor Salman 

Tim Brown
Written by Tim Brown
Demonstrating once again that the central government has no real power to protect any of us inside the united States, the Obama administration has apparently lost the whereabouts of the Orlando Shooter‘s wife, Noor Salman.
First consider this report from CNN:
Federal investigators digging for clues in the Orlando nightclub massacre are zeroing in on Noor Salman, the widow of gunman Omar Mateen.

TOWNHALL: BREAKING: Supreme Court Strikes Down Obama Executive Action on Illegal Immigration

Christine Rousselle 

Posted: Jun 23, 2016 10:50 AM
BREAKING: Supreme Court Strikes Down Obama Executive Action on Illegal Immigration
The Supreme Court voted in a 4-4 tie on United States v. Texas, which concerned the Obama administration's DAPA program that deferred deportations of some illegal immigrants. The tie decision means that the program's enforcement will still be blocked.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

TOWNHALL: The Susan Collins Gun Control Amendment is a Nightmare For Innocent Americans

Katie Pavlich 

Posted: Jun 22, 2016 12:45 PM 
The Susan Collins Gun Control Amendment is a Nightmare For Innocent Americans
Earlier this week four different gun control bills were predictably voted down in the Senate. Now, as Matt has reported, Senators will vote on yet another piece of legislation introduced by Maine Republican Susan Collins.
"The bipartisan 'Terrorist Firearms Prevention Act of 2016' would prevent people who are on the No Fly List or the Selectee List from purchasing firearms. If our government has determined that an individual is too dangerous to fly on an airplane, that person should not have the opportunity make a legal firearm purchase," Collins office released yesterday in a white paper. "Due process principles require that Americans denied their right to purchase a firearm under this provision have the opportunity to appeal this denial to a federal court."

GOPDD: House Dems Go Full ‘Occupy’, Holding Sit-In In Congress To Get Vote On ‘No Fly List’ Gun Ban


Weasle Zippers The Senate already had a vote this week that they lost. A compromise bill is being proposed for a vote in Senate sometime in the near future, but Democrats are claiming Paul Ryan blocked vote on issue today in the House. They want those on the ‘no fly list’ to not be able to get guns. Due process? Not something they care about.
They want to claim it’s ‘for the children’, but they never actually pose any real solutions that would actually help ‘the children’. Would the no fly list ban do one blessed thing to stop the mass shootings in Chicago? Or any random mentally ill shooter? No. But he wins the Kabuki Theater drama award of the day:

FREEDOM FORCE: The Second Amendment Is NOT A Tradition, Mr. Obama. It’s a Right!

Bill of Rights

By Pamela Adams June 22, 2016

Obama says, “I believe the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to bear arms,” but it’s the remarks he surrounds that statement with that reveal his honest opinion.
“You’ve got the tradition of lawful gun ownership.” 2008 Democrat Debate


This is the summary of last night’s Town Council meeting; starting with recognition of the High School Boys and Girls track accomplishment.  The Council honored both girls and boys track team members.

 Also, State Representative Dale Crafts honored Chief of Police David T. Brooks and Lieutenant Daniel Michele upon their retirement from the Lisbon Police force effective June 30, 2016.  The Town Council did the same and awarded both their badges and weapons to each.  The staff of the Lisbon Reporter would also like to take this opportunity to recognize both officers of their years of service to the town of Lisbon and wish them the best of luck in the future. 

 Scott Stewart has been named as the Interim Chief of Police for Lisbon until the town selects the next Chief of Police.  Congratulations!!!

 Under Council Orders, Resolutions & Ordinances –

 1.    Time Warner Contract Renewal – The Council approved the renewal by a vote of 7-0.

2.   Abatement – Personal Property Tax – The Council approved the adjustment by a vote of 7-0.

3.   Audit Engagement Letter – The Council authorized the Town Manager to sign the Audit Engagement Letter.

4.   Zoning Amendment – Route 196 & Villages (2nd Reading) – The Council approved this by a vote of 7-0.

5.   Resolution – 2016-2017 Municipal Budget was approved by the Council.

6.   Resolution – 2016-2017 Capital Improvement Plan – The Council approved the Capital Improvement Plan.

7.   ORDER – MAP Contract – The contract was approved by the Council

 Under Other Business – Ryan Leighton provided a small presentation on the update of the MS4 situation.  Both Chief Brooks and Chief Galipeau provided the Council with the monthly departmental reports.

Under Appointments –
Shawn Carr was reappointed to the Zoning Appeals Board.
Jo-Jean Keller was appointed to the Library Governing Board.

Larry Fillmore  


LA Rotarian Christopher Martel To Share Career & Rotary Aspirations

Lewiston - Members of the Lewiston Auburn Rotary District 7790 have extended an invitation to Christopher Martel to share his career aspirations and classification connections to Rotary.  Martel has been an employee of Spiller’s for almost 2 decades. His career began in his junior year of high school  as a summer job.  During his time at Spiller’s he has been involved with almost every company department (Warehouse, Inside Sales, Purchasing, Outside Sales, Service and Reprographics Printing Division).  Join us on Thursday, July 14 from noon to 1 p.m. at the Ramada Inn, Lewiston for his classification talk sharing the various roles he has fulfilled over the years. FMI on upcoming presentations contract Rotary Program Chair, Monica Millhime, 753.9040 or email


Lewiston - Rachel Desgrosseilliers, the Executive Director of Museum L-A, the Museum of Work and Community in Lewiston-Auburn,  has invited the Lewiston – Auburn Rotary group to Museum L-A. on Thursday, July 21 from noon to 1 p.m.  Members of the Rotary will be given a sneak preview of the new exhibit being installed and scheduled to open July 23 titled “Covering the Nation:  The Art of the Bates Bedspread”. Desgrosseilliers will also brief members as to the progress in the installation of new additions to the 2nd gallery exhibit as well as the several successful new programs such as “Kids as Curators” and “Maine Innovation Expo-2017”.   Prior to becoming the Executive Director of Museum L-A, Desgrosseilliers, owned several small businesses and was CEO of St. Mary’s Health Care Campus and a founder of the Great Falls Balloon Festival. “It is important to listen, hear and learn from voices of our history”, says Desgrosseilliers.  “This helps us as a community to stay true to our personal and communal story which gives us a Sense of Place and Pride in who we are. It also allows future generations to be inspired and learn from the cultures that built the past as the stories gathered guide their futures.”  Join the Rotary group for lunch at the Museum, 35 Canal Street, Bates Mill Complex Lewiston.   Reservations are requested by calling 753.9040.  FMI on upcoming presentations contract Rotary Program Chair, Monica Millhime, 753.9040 or email

GOPDD: Obama Says Americans Having Guns is Worse Than Islamic Terrorism


In an interview with Britain’s BBC, President Obama said that Americans having guns and observing their Second Amendment rights is far worse than Muslim terrorism.

EAGLE RISING: Which Presidential Candidate said: “F***ing Reta**s” and “Stupid Ki**s” when Commenting on Disabled Children and Jews?

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton 

Written by Onan Coca
Whoa. Be forewarned, there is some very ugly truth about the Clintons in this story and it may not be for every reader. It’s definitely not PG-13.
So, which Presidential candidate has said some horribly racist and mean-spirited comments? I’ll give you one guess, and it’s NOT the guy who is constantly being called a racist.
A recent exposé from the Daily Mail uncovers some very ugly truths about the Clinton family, and about Bill and Hillary’s disgusting bigotry in particular. Another one of Bill Clinton’s ex-lovers (so many of them are speaking out these days) is spilling the beans on the dastardly thoughts, deeds, and machinations of the would-be political dynasty. Former Clinton mistress Dolly Kyle told the Daily Mail about a few of the disturbing stories that appear in her upcoming book about the dark side of the Clinton family. Over at BizPac Review, Warner Todd Huston has some of the details:

GOPDD: Rev. Billy Graham Has a STERN Message for Those Who Say They Won’t Be Voting for President


The Rev. Billy Graham has a pointed message to Americans who are fed up with the political process and, as a result, have decided that they won’t be voting come November: “[Voting] is a God-given responsibility.” 
In a Q&A posted to his Billy Graham Evangelistic Association website, the renowned 97-year-old preacher rhetorically asked what would happen if every individual decide not to vote, saying that, “before long we’d lose our freedoms and be ruled by a power-hungry dictatorship.”

GOPDD: AG Loretta Lynch: The best response to terror is compassion and love


WFB Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that love and compassion are the best responses to terrorism during remarks to the media in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday.
Lynch said the Department of Justice stood in solidarity with the LGBT community “in the light” following a Muslim terrorist’s massacre of 49 people at a gay nightclub last week.

GOPDD: Obama Replaces “Allah” with “God” in Edited Transcripts of Orlando Killer’s Calls


This is sickening.
The Obama administration replaced “Allah” with “God” in the edited transcripts of the Orlando killer’s calls during his siege on the Pulse nightclub.

GOPDD: AG Lynch Admits She Has NO IDEA Where Omar Mateen’s Wife Has Gone


Wow. This country is run by imbeciles. 
Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitted today that the FBI is unaware of the whereabouts of Omar Mateen’s wife, Noor Salman.

Monday, June 20, 2016

GOPDD: Hillary Fan Scoffs at Benghazi… Gets BRUTAL Reality Check From Soldier Who Was There (Video)


By now it has become disgustingly standard fare for supporters and sycophants of presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton to swiftly dismiss any and all mention of the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack as little more than a “right-wing conspiracy” to smear the former secretary of state.


GOPDD: Navy Seal Destroys Liberal Hacks By EXPOSING Their Ignorance


After the attack at Pulse night club in Orlando, Hillary Clinton looked past the obvious enemy – radical Islamic terror – and instead said “weapons of war have no place on our streets” and that we need to ban AR-15s immediately. AR-15s are fine for Hillary and her family. They’ve been protected by armed guards who use them for three decades. But average Americans who watch the news and feel genuine fear for their safety, and their families’ safety—Hillary wants to deny them the level of protection she insists upon herself

FREEDOM FORCE: Supreme Court Can Now Ban Rights, Who Knew?

By Michael Ware June 20, 2016

It ‘s hard to even to discuss such issues with some. Rather, it is near impossible to discuss it with almost all people. Inevitably if not immediately the person you are speaking with begins to appeal to the emotional. This renders logical discourse impossible.

GOPDD: Democrat Luis Gutierrez Paid His Wife Over $300,000 From Campaign Funds


Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D., Ill.) has paid his wife and daughters hundreds of thousands of dollars from his campaign’s coffer since 2010, according to campaign finance data.
Gutierrez, who was first elected to Congress in 1993, brought his wife, Soraida Gutierrez, onto his campaign’s payroll six years ago to act as his office manager, treasurer, and fundraiser.

GOPDD: Judge Jeanine: Get a gun. Because This Government Ain’t In A Position To Help.


Judge Jeanine Pirro said “laws must be changed” to prevent another domestic terror attack like what happened in Orlando last weekend.
She pointed out that the FBI interviewed Orlando shooter Omar Mateen three times, but didn’t find any evidence to bring charges against him.

GOPDD: [Watch] Veteran Forcibly Dragged from Air Force Ceremony for Mentioning God


When a veteran started offering traditional remarks at a military flag-folding ceremony, several uniformed airmen assaulted him, dragging him out of the room because his remarks mentioned God. Now First Liberty Institute lawyers representing retired Senior Master Sergeant Oscar Rodriguez are demanding that the U.S. Air Force apologize and punish those responsible or face a federal civil-rights lawsuit


GOPDD: “I would NOT blame Islam” for the Islamic attack on the Gay community in Orlando, “because Islam is a religion of peace,” says New York City LGBT activist


Blame Donald Trump, blame American culture, blame guns, blame anything but the world’s leading homophobic ideology that promotes hatred and killing of Muslims.

GOPDD: Saudi Arabia Has Funded 20% Of Hillary’s Presidential Campaign


In what may be the pinnacle of hypocrisy, moments ago Hillary Clinton, while speaking live on national security and addressing the Orlando shooting took some time from her constant bashing of the Second Amendment and calling for a ban on assault rifles, to say some less than kind words about Saudi Arabia whom it accused of supporting radical organizations. This is what she said: