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Thursday, December 15, 2016

GOPDD: Michigan GOP Elector Says He Won’t Be ‘Intimidated’ by Pressure to Go Against Trump


Michigan GOP elector Jim Rhoades
A Michigan GOP elector on Fox News today said a lot of people have been attempting to email and contact him ahead of the electoral college vote in just a few days.
Jim Rhoades told Neil Cavuto that he’s getting lots of emails and letters from people who want him to change his vote, and there are even people going to some extreme lengths to get his phone number (i.e. people claiming to know him from way back).

TO READ MORE: http://gopthedailydose.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/p-10.jpg

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election Results for November 8, 2016

Town of Lisbon
State Referendum
Annual Candidate & Municipal Referendum 
November 3, 2016
Results for Federal & State Candidates Results for  State Referendum Questions
For President Total Question 1:  Legalize Marijuana
Clinton, Hillary & Kaine, Timothy  D 1697 YES 2423
Johnson, Gary & Weld, Bill L 281 NO 2456
Stein, Jill & Garaka, Ajamu G 83 Blanks 66
Trump, Donald & Pence, Michael R 2749
Declared Write-ins 17
Blanks 119 Question 2: Public Education Fund
YES 2363
For Rep To Congress NO 2416
Cain, Emily  D 1998 Blanks 66
Poliquin, Bruce R 2759
Blanks 172
Question 3: Guns/Require Background Checks
For State Senator YES 1826
District 22 NO 3072
Fochtmann, Richard D 1269 Blanks 47
Mason, Garrett  R 3463
Blanks 214
Questions 4: Raise Minimum Wage
For Rep To the Legislature YES 2250
District 56 NO 2625
Gaison, Scott D 1978 Blanks 70
Mason, Gina R 2731
Blanks 237
Question 5: Ranked Choice Voting
For Register Of Probate YES 2344
Androscoggin County  NO 2479
Reynolds, Thomas D 2087 Blanks 122
Said, Joanna  R 2427
Blanks 432
Question 6: Transportation Bond
For County Commissioner YES 2647
District 4 NO 2170
Lary, Isaiah R 3988 Blanks 128
Blanks 958
Results for Municipal Candidates Results for Municipal Referendum Questions
For Council At Large Total  Question 1:  Bond Front End Loader
Donald Russell Fellows 2077 YES 2240
Christopher Brunelle 2109 NO 2332
For Council District 1 Question 2:  Bond Paving Projects
Eric Glen Metivier 755 YES 2586
James Jay Harriman 464 NO 1978
Mark Curtis Lunt 858  
For Council District 2 Queston 3: Charter Amdt School Capital Equip
Kris Allen Crawford 1164 YES 2635
Michael Ray Hebert 898 NO 2063
For School Committee 3 Year
Paula Jean Jefferies 2221 Queston 4: Charter Amdt Planning Bd Review 
Traci Jo Austin 3017 YES 3310
  NO 1381
(Note: Vote Two Number s/b double)  
For Water Commission Question 5: Charter Amdt Muni. Capital Equip
William Alex Bauer 4613 YES 2797
  NO 1819
State & Municipal Ballots Cast:  4946
Registered Voters:  6522
Warden: Rick Roberts Election Clerks Election Clerks
Deputy Warden: Jeannie Fournier Phyllis Greim Andrea Metayer
Dot Smith Peggy Ganong
Registrars Jo-Jean Keller Karen Hanlon
Richard Main Camille Booker Lorraine Dunn
Gwen Michel Ginny Barden Monique Gayton
Dan Michel Mary DeGroft Liz Sawyer
Jody Durisko Addie Yenco Pat Tardiff
Victoria Baldwin-Wilson Ora Madden Cindy Roberts
Katie Church Julie Ann Baumer William Twigg
Marie Hale Bertrand Levesque Rick Rioux
Sandy Pomerleau Donna Stewart Linda Douglass
Sheila Gray Robert Jordan
Laura Jones Mary Ann Adams
Respectfully Submitted,
Twila Lycette, CMC/CCM/MMC
Lisbon Town Clerk

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Town of Lisbon
School Budget Validation Referendum
January 12, 2016
School Referendum Results
Ward 1
Ward 2
QUESTION 1: Adopt Lisbon School Budget
QUESTION 2:  If you voted No, was it because the budget is:
Too Low
Too High
Ballots Cast: