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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

GOPDD: TEXAS: There’s a Special Place in Hell for Easily Intimidated Leftist Principals Who Turn Public Schools into Mini-Mosques


Bare Naked Islam  And now, there’s a special room in school exclusively for Muslim students so they can lift their asses to allah, several times a day. Bowing to Muslim supremacy since 2009, Scott Warstler, principal of Liberty High School had been allowing Muslims, ONLY Muslims, to leave school for hours at a time to attend mosque every Friday afternoon with no repercussions…then rewarded them with a taxpayer-funded mini-mosque to pray in during school hours.

TO READ MORE AND WATCH VIDEO: https://gopthedailydose.com/2017/03/14/texas-theres-special-place-hell-easily-intimidated-leftist-principals-turn-public-schools-mini-mosques/

Sunday, February 12, 2017

GOPDD: Parent Outraged After 6th Grader Forced To Learn ISLAMIC CONVERSION Prayer In Class (Video)


South Carolina-A parent is outraged after her 6th grade child was indoctrinated on Islam and was forced to learn about the Islamic conversion prayer (Shahada)!
WCSC reports:
In worksheets provided to Live 5 News, sixth graders at Alston Middle School were asked to fill in blanks about Islam and match up statements from the Quran with the five pillars of the religion.
The mom says she is infuriated and that others agree with her.
“Our concern is that if the need permission to teach sexual education, they should be getting permission to teach religious values,” she said.
Pictures of the Islamic worksheets:

TO READ MORE AND WATCH VIDEO: https://gopthedailydose.com/2017/02/11/parent-outraged-6th-grader-forced-learn-islamic-conversion-prayer-class-video/

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

GOPDD: Syrian Jihadi Parents Kiss Daughters Goodbye in Damascus Before She is Blown Up


This is the moment jihadi parents kissed their daughters goodbye shortly before one of them walked into a Syrian police station and was blown up by a remote detonator.
Footage shows a male fanatic lecturing the two children, seven and nine, about how to carry out suicide bomb attacks before they are embraced by a woman in a burka.
Even more disturbing, the girls parents posed with her before sending her out to her death. Pamela Geller has the grizzly details:

A VERY DISTRUBING VIDEO: http://gopthedailydose.com/2016/12/21/syrian-jihadi-parents-kiss-daughters-goodbye-damascus-blown/

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Clash Daily
Should we change our traditions to bow to political correctness?
An Italian priest is making waves by not putting up a nativity scene in a cemetery:
A priest in Italy has caused uproar after announcing there would be no Christmas nativity scene at the local cemetery this year because it could offend Muslims and atheists.
Fr Sante Braggiè said there would be no crib in the cemetery in the northern city of Cremona because it may anger people of others faiths or none whose relatives are buried there.
“A small corner of the cemetery is reserved for Muslim graves,” Fr Braggiè said. “A crib positioned within sight of them could be seen as a lack of respect for followers of other faiths, hurt the sensibilities of Muslims, as well as Indians and even atheists.”…

TO READ MORE: http://gopthedailydose.com/2016/12/14/attention-patriots-care-nativity-scene-offends-muslims/

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

GOPDD: London Mayor Sends Warning to Trump: Muslims to be Given Full American Access “Or Else”


Here’s a story that will shock no one – Islamic leaders aren’t exactly thrilled with Donald Trump’s threat to ban Muslim immigration from the U.S.
I’ll note that there is some debate as to whether or not Trump made such a promise for rhetorical purposes, or if he actually plans on banning Muslim immigration. Admittedly, it would be nearly impossible to actually screen if someone if Muslim (after all, how hard is it to lie about what religion you practice?). In that case, it’s much more likely that the immigration ban wouldn’t be specifically targeted towards Muslims, but citizens from countries that tend to export a lot of terrorists to the rest of the world.

TO READ MORE: http://gopthedailydose.com/2016/12/13/london-mayor-sends-warning-trump-muslims-given-full-american-access-else/

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

GOPDD: The Ohio Mosque Just One Mile From Ohio State Was Under Six Terror Related Investigations


The website for Masjid Omar Ibn El Khattab, just a mile from the Ohio State University campus, proclaims itself “the Muslim Heart of Columbus.” And yet the mosque, described as one of the most ideologically hardline in the city, has grabbed the media spotlight once again: former attendees were recently reported as having joined the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria.
As mosque officials struggle to distance themselves from yet another resident terror cell, the recent news raises questions about the extensive history of this Ohio mosque as a turnstile for terrorism.

TO READ MORE: http://gopthedailydose.com/2016/11/29/ohio-mosque-just-one-mile-ohio-state-six-terror-related-investigations/

Monday, November 28, 2016

GOPDD: This Country NOT Playing Games with Muslim Immigrants: `If You Reject Our Culture, We Will Reject Your Application for Citizenship`


In Switzerland, unlike in the United States and many other countries, integration into society is more very important to naturalization than knowledge of national politics or history. Candidates for citizenship must prove they are well assimilated within their communities and respect local customs and traditions.
In the latest proceed to deny citizenship to anyone who chooses never to assimilate with Swiss tradition, authorities possess rejected the naturalization software of two Muslim ladies who refused to take needed swimming lessons at college because boys will be present in the pool

TO READ MORE: http://gopthedailydose.com/2016/11/28/country-not-playing-games-muslim-immigrants-reject-culture-will-reject-application-citizenship/

Saturday, November 19, 2016

GOPDD: “U.S. Muslim Leader Ensures: Allahu Akbar…Islam Is Here to Dominate”


Haitham Ibn Thbait, of the American chapter of Hizb Ut-Tahrir, is honest where most American Muslim leaders tell credulous audiences everything they want to hear. Note how neatly Ibn Thbait’s words coincide with the words of Hamas-CAIR’s co-founder, Omar Ahmad, who said: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant,” and “The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” This is no accident or coincidence. These are two Muslim leaders who let the mask slip.

TO READ MORE AND WATCH VIDEO: http://gopthedailydose.com/2016/11/19/u-s-muslim-leader-ensures-allahu-akbarislam-dominate/

Sunday, October 16, 2016

GOPDD: Muslims Spray Paint San Antonio Church With Anti-Trump and Terrorist Messages

San Antonio news outlets are reporting that two area churches were defaced by vandals. Identical graffiti on the structures reads: ‘No to wall’ and “Islam or Die” with an unknown symbol stenciled beneath.
According to Freedomdaily:
That’s the message that was spray painted loud and clear on the San Antonio church entrance, in Dallas.
Now police are investigating the nasty message left behind by the vandals. Along with the message there is also an unidentified symbol right below the words.

TO READ MORE: http://gopthedailydose.com/2016/10/16/muslims-spray-paint-san-antonio-church-anti-trump-terrorist-messages/

Friday, September 23, 2016

GOPDD: Hillary Clinton: Muslims ‘Have Nothing Whatsoever To Do With Terrorism’ (Video)


Did Hillary Clinton get confused again? On Thursday, the UK Daily Mail said, the Democratic Party front-runner attacked anti-jihad conservatives for daring to notice that radical Muslims are involved in terrorist activities.

TO READ MORE AND WATCH VIDEOS: http://gopthedailydose.com/2016/09/22/hillary-clinton-muslims-nothing-whatsoever-terrorism-video/
“Islam itself is not our adversary

Monday, September 12, 2016

GOPDD: France Closes Down Mosques; 334 War Grade Weapons Found


Police investigating the Paris terror attacks have shut down three mosques in a series of raids to close the net on Islamic extremists, the Express reports.
France has been under a state of emergency since 130 people were killed in a series of terror attacks in Paris on November 13. Since then, some 2,235 homes and buildings have been raided, 232 people taken into custody, and 334 weapons confiscated.

TO READ MORE: http://gopthedailydose.com/2016/09/11/france-closes-mosques-334-war-grade-weapons-found/

Friday, September 2, 2016

GOPDD: No Sharia Civil Law For Muslims In America, Ruled By U.S. Courts…


U.S. Courts made the right decision in not upholding Sharia Civil law for Muslims in America. Sharia law, in any form, has no place in America.
An interesting decision yesterday from the Minnesota Court of Appeals in In the Matter of Appointment of Trustee for Next of Kin of Ombabi:

TO READ MORE: http://gopthedailydose.com/2016/09/02/no-sharia-civil-law-muslims-america-ruled-u-s-courts/

Monday, August 15, 2016

GOPDD: [Watch] Donald Trump’s Full Speech Today On Islamic Terrorism

No, I do not call it “radical” Islamic terrorism, because there is nothing radical about Islamic terrorism. It is pure and literal Islam as found in the quran.

TO WATCH VIDEO: http://gopthedailydose.com/2016/08/15/watch-donald-trumps-full-speech-today-islamic-terrorism/

GOPDD: Is the Demise of Christianity part of a Plan?


By guest author: John Vellsek USN (Ret.)

The war on Christians continues unabated. Throughout the Middle East, in most of Europe, and even here in the United States, the future of Christianity is becoming bleak.  Is there a unified structure that is pushing this war forward? The body count in the Middle East would lead one to believe that this is a concerted effort, that there is an effort underway on a global scale to decimate the Christian faith. Christianity is the only major religion that is a faith-based on the individual and not the collective faith of many others.

TO READ MORE: ilydose.com/2016/08/15/demise-christianity-part-plan/

Saturday, August 13, 2016

GOPDD: Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan Compares Whites to Satan


 Louis Farrakhan compared white people to Satan in his June 26 sermon that was printed this week. Farrakhan added that the purpose of the white man is the same as Satan’s with God.
The Christian Examiner reported:
Just as God has a natural enemy in Satan, so the “original man” – black men and women – have an enemy in the white man, Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI), told an audience at a Boston mosque recently.
TO READ MORE: http://gopthedailydose.com/2016/08/13/nation-islam-leader-louis-farrakhan-compares-whites-satan/

Monday, July 18, 2016

FREEDOM FORCE: Obama: “Islam Has a Proud Tradition of Tolerance”


Matt Barber
Written by Matt Barber
“Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”
– Barack Hussein Obama
Isn’t it about time we crusade for self-defense?
I’ll say it again. Political correctness is a barrier to truth and a pathway to tyranny.
TO READ MORE: http://eaglerising.com/35166/obama-islam-has-a-proud-tradition-of-tolerance/

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

GOPDD: Shocking Polls Show What U.S. Muslims Think of U.S. Laws


As July 4 approaches, new polling data reveal non-Muslim Americans are increasingly cognizant of the threat Sharia — Islam’s totalitarian religio-political “law” — poses to their basic liberties. Overwhelmingly, they reject its encroachment in the United States.

TO READ MORE: http://gopthedailydose.com/2016/07/05/shocking-polls-show-u-s-muslims-think-u-s-laws/

Friday, July 1, 2016

GOPDD: Texas Legislature Has Passed a Law Permanently Barring Muslims From Trying to Institute Sharia Law


Once again the nation looks to Texas for the way things ought to be.

This time the Texas Legislature has passed a law permanently barring Muslims from trying to institute their own sharia-based savagery on their own communities in the Lone Star State.

TO READ MORE: http://gopthedailydose.com/2016/07/01/texas-legislature-passed-law-permanently-barring-muslims-trying-institute-sharia-law/